Monday, November 26, 2007

How to work with Scratch Removal Tool

How to work with Scratch Removal Tool

To work with Scratch Removal Tool

Step 1

  • Click the Scratch Removal Tool button on the Tool Palette.

Step 2

  • Use the numeric edit controls of the Tool Options palette to set the width of the tool. The area can be 4 to 100 pixels wide and the default width is 20 pixels.

Step 3

  • Click either the flat-end or pointed-end Selection Boxes option to choose the shape of the ends of the enclosure box.

Step 4

  • Move the cursor over the image.

Step 5

  • Click and hold the left mouse button where you want to start removing the scratch.

Step 6

  • Drag the mouse to enclose the area containing the scratch. As you move the mouse, Paint Shop Pro displays a box around the selected area.

Step 7

  • After you have enclosed the scratch release the mouse button.

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