Monday, November 26, 2007

How to work with Eraser Tool

How to work with Eraser Tool

To work with Eraser Tool

Step 1

  • Activate the Eraser by clicking its button on the Tool palette or in the Tool Selection menu of the Tool Options palette.

Step 2

  • Use the Tool Options palette tab 1 to configure the Eraser tip.

Step 3

  • Select or clear the "Build Up Brush" check box. When the check box is selected, each eraser stroke removes more of the color. When the check box is cleared, the color is erased only on the first brush stroke.

Step 4

  • On the Color palettes, select the Eraser styles and textures if you are erasing a background of an image.

Step 5

  • Drag the cursor across the image:

    • On a background, the left mouse button paints the background/fill style and texture, while the right mouse button paint the foreground/stroke style and texture.

    • On a layer, use the left mouse button to erase to a transparency. The right mouse is not used.

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