Monday, November 26, 2007

How to work with Picture Tube Tool

How to work with Picture Tube Tool

To work with Picture Tube Tool

Step 1

  • Activate the Picture Tube tool by clicking its button on the Tool palette.

Step 2

On the first tab of the Tool Options palette:

  • Select a Picture Tube from the Tube drop-down list. A sample of the tube appears in the preview box.

  • Use the numeric edits control of the Scale box to set the Picture Tube size. You can reduce and enlarge it from 10% to 250% of its original size.

Step 3

  • In the Placement Mode drop-down boxes, choose the Random or Continuous placement mode to control whether the Picture Tubes appear in the image at random or equal intervals.

Step 4

In the Selection Mode drop-down boxes; choose how Paint Shop Pro selects the cells (images) it paints. You have a choice of 5 modes:

  • The Random mode randomly selects images in the tube.

  • The Incremental mode selects the first image in the tube and repeats it only after it has selected all the images.

  • The Angular mode selects images based on the direction you drag the cursor as you paint.

Step 5

  • To change the Picture Tube settings, you can also click the Options button to open the Picture Tube Options dialog box. You can apply tubes without changing the settings.

Step 6

  • If you changed the settings in the dialog box, click OK to close it.

Step 7

      - Here you can paint with the Picture Tube.

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